Live Music

LiveMusicLive Music is part of the very fabric of The Cellar’s ambiance and business concept. Owner Scott Hinschberger has played guitar most of his life, was in a band as a teen, and today is part of the group ‘Qwahitas’ – along with his son Bryan, and Rich Hajek and Brad Beckwith of Galaxy Forest. Scott even designed The Patio with live music in mind.

The Cellar is a premier venue in eastern Idaho for groups from all over the USA to perform. Live music can be found on The Patio 4-5 nights per week on average. Groups have come from New York to Austin, and from Seattle to Alabama. Great music, great food, and great enjoyment.

Bedowin Buddah is the house jazz and blues pianist. He has an amazing history and knows over 1,000 songs, including lyrics, in his head.
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